Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Dreadball Azure Forest Pitch Arrives!

My Dreadball Azure Forest pitch arrived earlier today and I have to say i'm really impressed with it. 

I originally thought the pitch was going to be a vinyl printed pitch, you know the kind where the corners roll up after a few games use or when you've kept it in the tube too long. I thought this because at the Mantic open day earlier in the year i'd seen this pitch being used for demo games and it was vinyl. 

So when I opened the pitch I was quite surprised to see that it was printed on hard wearing card stock, just like the standard Dreadball pitch.  The print quality is excellent and for just £9.99 I take my hat off to Mantic they've really knocked this one out of the park, so well done Mantic. 

Time to arrange a game of Azure Forest Dreadball with my Forge Fathers I reckon, NafNaf charge up your robots...

1 comment:

  1. Yup dead happy with mine too once I got over the fact it was not the vinyl version I thought it was going to be. Looking forward to getting a game on it and finally getting a victory against your darn stumpies (hopefully). I better get those other robots painted!