Saturday, 8 December 2018

Festering Gobbo Painted - Warhammer Underworlds Moonclan Grot Warband Conversion

Howdy pardners! As I seem to mention at the start of every post, I haven’t had much time to hobby due to RL being crazy busy (permanent state of affairs nowadays it seems).
I won’t mention it from now on I promise, just forgive the sporadic posting until I can sort some sort of order/regime to blogging again. It doesn’t help that blogger is such a pain to use if you use a mobile device. It doesn’t sound like much, but when you have to use a pc and then transfer all your photos from your phone to the pc before even starting writing it creates just that little bit of a barrier, which stops me being proactive and writing when I can snatch a few minutes here and there. The app is no more and the blogging interface basically doesn’t work on a phone. Le sigh!

On my last post you saw the Gobbo warband I had converted for Underworlds (great game! Can’t stop playing it), well, I finally caught the painting bug again and started on the first model, Festering Skaven. (As an aside I am going to create custom cards for these guys once the whole band are painted, so will need to rethink their names as well).
I really took my time painting him, and although there are always things I fell can be improved when I look at him, overall I am dead chuffed with the outcome. I have not much experience painting black, but found a decent tutorial online which I followed, the results look really good, and it is super easy to do as well. I always dreaded painting black before, but now I’ve conquered my fears I can approach it with glee (well, more of a mild grimace let’s be honest). 

For the skin I used death world forest as the base, washed with Reikland fleshshade, and highlighted from base again with an increasing mix of Cadian flesh, with pure flesh as the final highlight. Looks quite realistic and less cartoony than the more green flesh I see around, which fits the models better I think. The base was a bit of an experiment (I usually plan my base schemes in advance), but I was inspired by the Zarbag Gitz fluff which spoke about a dead forest in the depths of the crystal city, that is now infested with spores and mushrooms. I hope my base reflects this a little, although I went for a few ‘organic ‘ and live elements to add some texture and colour which were sorely needed to contrast the purply black base. Looks nice though, and the colourful mushrooms are a nice break from the dark colours on the model. Anyhoo here are the pics :)

As if writing I’ve actually done the second one too, but I’ll save that for another post later next week


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