Saturday, 21 October 2017

Prince Morrathillienn. 7th Heir to the House of Ulthanash. Survivor of the Endless Darkness. Prince of the Khaine's Ravens

To the naked eye, it would appear as nothing but the blank void of interstellar space. Yet here lurked a giant. Anasduril, it was called. The vast extinguished hulk of a star. Once the seat of one of many pre-Fall kingdoms, its derelict orbitals and shipyards bear the scars of high-yield plasma and voidlance impacts.

The Eldar of Anasduril were extinguished with their star, their legacy lost to the sands of time. Yet in this mausoleum, all is not still. Millennia later, the Ravens found this forgotten place, and their cloaked armada lurks in its shadows.

Morrathillienn sat at the helm of the listening-ship. The transparent dome surrounding her command crew offered an unparalleled view of the star-specked void, ghostly runes dancing across its surface. One in particular piqued her interest. A distant world-rune began to flicker almost imperceptibly. Watching, she saw it embark upon an errant journey across the star-scape. Signalling her sister-ships through the aether, dozens of heavily cloaked vessels leapt through the open webway portal. She couldn't be sure what had occurred, but something had caused one of her listening cells to break formation. What would cause one of her operatives to flee their post she couldn't fathom, but something was clearly awry. The Khaine's Ravens may be spies first and foremost, but the blood of the war god still flows through their veins. Whoever dared to encroach on their mission would feel the full force of her fleet.

Starting to approach the end of my back-catalogue now :) introducing my Corsairs, built back when I first found out about the masterwork that was the 7th ed. Corsairs Codex from Forgeworld.

I had the idea of making a Corsair fleet that acts more like an intelligence agency, with listening cells dotted all around the Ultima Segmentum, dealing in information to Kabalite raiding parties or radical Inquisitors. 

I also like the idea of making some Eldar that are real hard-cases. Most Eldar live in either the soul-shielded Craftworlds or in the muted realm of the webway, but Corsairs have carved their survival in the cold hard void, devoid of any protection from Slaanesh's predations. They're grizzled survivalists, carving out empires where other Eldar fear to linger.

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