Sunday, 9 April 2017

Bog Durthu WIP update - Tummy sculpting

Hey folks. Just a quick post today. Been working my way slowly about the lower torso on bog Durthu, concentrating mainly on the rolls of fat on his tummy.

I had to blend the loin cloth of trailing vines into the skin somehow, so I tried for a look like it is growing out of his stomach. I have a small amount of work left to do on it, but the idea works I think. I also sculpted bubbles of fat underneath it which make it blend in nicely and looks a little creepy too. Just a little more work here and there, and some liquid greenstuff to smooth out a bit of the roughness, and I can call that bit done :)

Next up I will be concentrating on the shell area. I need to make it look like it is slowly turning into a tree, with eruptions of branches and vines growing out of it. Also the legs need work to blend the hips joints in, as they have been just rough filled at the moment.

I also have been working on his head as well. The lower part of the jaw was chopped off and pinned again lower down with paper clips. In the gap left I stuck a bit of plasticard in and then sculpted in the new elongated jaw. It really changes how the face looks, and the addition of the forked tongue makes it really creepy.


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