Monday, 17 April 2017

Bog Branchwych & Bodyguards- Evil Sylvaneth

Silence reigned. No birds, no rustle of leaves, no sound of life emerged from the dark forest. The villagers on the edge had slowly grown accustomed to the eery silence, foolishly going about their daily business, worshipping the puny gods of men. Today was different....

She emerged from the trees, the bog sucking at her feet as she strode out from beneath the rotting canopy above. Long had she lived, once a creature of beauty and life, now twisted and filled with the hate of her mother. Dark magik twisted her form, melding the flesh of the living to her bark, growing slowly in power with every life she consumed.
Two forms appeared behind her, twisted like she. No word was spoken. Silently more bodies appeared and emerged from the tendrils of mist cloaking the interior of the rotting forest. Lifting her crooked arm she spurred them forth. Death had come to the villagers of Myddle. No light, no hope, no mercy.......

Just a quick one today folks. Hope you all had a great Easter break. I managed to finish off my Branchwych for the Bog Sylvaneth, and also 2 more Dryads to bring my total to 10.

The Branchwych is a kitbash between the stock model, a plaguebearer (both arms), a chaos knight helm and a maxmini octopus tentacle. He looks pretty creepy and menacing, and I don't think the meld of parts looks out of place, they rather accentuating the creepy vibe I was hoping for from a magik caster and leader. He did have a bit of greenstuff work which is hidden by the textured paint. I basically forgot to take a photo before smearing it on, which has hidden all the work I did. Luckily I remembered for the bodyguards, as they have had alot more sculpting done on them.

Both are a meld between a plaguebearer body and dryad torso. I wanted to create a look of flesh becoming wood, an unholy amalgamation between the two. Once the textured paint is applied in places the effect should be convincing I hope :)

Work continues apace on Bog Durthu too. I hope to have him finished by next week if I vcan continue to chip away at the sculpting like I have been doing. He is coming together well. I am pleased so far :)


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