Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Talos Wip Stage 3 - ooh er! That's a fine leg you are showing!!

Been working on the lower half of the Talos over the last few days. Not my usual way as I tend to work by colour rather than section, working through each colour stage until I am done. I did not go this way on this chappie though, as some features are quite large and I did not want to get fed up painting areas of the same thing over and over (I am doing this for enjoyment after all :) )

So with that in mind I decided that I would be concentrating on the area below his waist, not only because I felt it was interesting and more achievable, but also because my fingers would not rub off any of the paint when doing the rest of the mini as it is not raised like the top parts (I usually mount my minis on old paint pots so I don't have to touch them, but on a model this large it is impossible to do so)

the skirt being the largest area I went with that first. The base is troll slayer Orange, washed with Fuegan Orange in the recesses, the a 50/50 mix of troll slayer and Yriel Yellow. After that a pure highlight of Yriel was applied on the more raised area, with a very fine highlight of flash gitz on the very top parts. Finally I add the yellow edge paint right on the most raised areas/edges and glaze all over with lamenters yellow to tie it all together again. Pretty darn pleased with how it has come out. Nice and vibrant without being too garish, and it works well with the blue shoulder pad, especially when it will be all highlighted.
after that it was the flesh, my favourite bit. Just the RH leg and a bit of the left I did on this pass, and then I worked on a few smaller fiddly bits such as his man piece armour and poison pump. The bit I am really pleased with is the verdigris on the balloon pump. I usually struggle achieving a convincing patina but I only applied small amounts in the recesses and added a turquoise paint to the Nihilaik Oxide to further shade recesses. Works well I think, and I feel confident I can pull it off again on the other copper bits scattered about the model.
next update I will show you most of the top half and face hopefully :)

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