Saturday, 14 January 2017

Talos Wip Stage 2 - Colours!

Managed to crack on with this Creepy balloon merchant yesterday and got a load of base coating done. I hope to get much more completed this eve too if I can tear myself away from amazon TV (so many films, so little time).

Since you last saw him I have blocked in the dark green base for the poison tubes, and leather straps, as these are fairly easy to do and did not require any colour choices. Once these were down I could concentrate on the larger areas which I needed to make decisions on.

The first I chose to do was the ragged skirt around his waist as this in the largest area and will inform everything else. I needed a colour that was different from the last Talos I painted, so pink and turquoise were out the window for the main colour.  This slimmed down my selection somewhat, and I wanted something bright that was not yellow (I hate painting yellow).... so I chose a nice vibrant Orange :). It will be a lot brighter than this base colour you can see at present, as it was mixed with a darker foundation paint for better coverage, and then washed with Fuegan Orange in the recesses.

Now this was done I could look at the next prominent bit, the shoulder pad armour. A nice opposite colour to Orange is Blue (colour wheel is fab for making choices like this) so I went with a mid tone that will be highlighted up to a fairly light & bright edge. Having the whole shoulder pad blue was a bit much so I used a complimentary colour, purple in this case, to break it up (I also used it for the armour pad on his leg).

Now all the colours were chosen I could start on some other features. The last thing I did before taking the pics was to do the gold on his belt and arms. These have been washed and highlighted, but it is not very visible just yet.

Now onto the highlighting stage. I will start with the Orange dress, then go straight into the skin.

It will all make sense soon I promise :)


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