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2016 Review and Goals for 2017

Hey folks. Been a while hasn't it. I hope you all had a fab Christmas and happy new year. Did Santa give you any plastic and resin goodness in your stockings? I got a Spartan assault tank, which I am excited to get on the table. Looks a bitch to assemble though, so might be a while before you see it on here :D. A bit of a wordy post but hopefully I can keep you interested till the end ;)

 You may have noticed a serious lack of postings if you follow this blog regularly. Unfortunately real life has been exceptionally busy for me the last few months, which has had an impact on my blogging, but also my hobby time too. I have not managed to do much at all since I posted up the assault squad. My little boy has been going through some horrific teething pains, coupled with a steady stream of illnesses which has meant our nights are spent comforting him when he wakes up screaming from pain at regular intervals. Work has also ramped up, so my evenings are spent slumped in front of the tv absolutely shattered. Coupled with all of this I have been on a bit of a gaming/hobby slump, not been reading any news or blogs as I usually do and I have not gamed or painted anything for a while now. 40K especially I am struggling with, from the bloated ruleset, to my distinct lack of interest in broken formations and shenanigans meaning I am way behind the curve and actually find fighting against mega buff formations quite irritating. Fear not however! The new year brings a renewed interest in gaming in general and (hopefully) more time to do my hobby again.

This post is gonna go through a quick recap of 2016, and set out my hobby goals for 2017. My goals for 2016 were quite ambitious. For my Dark Eldar I had planned to paint 1850pts worth of models to get on the table, plus 1000pts worth of Eldar allies. Well I managed most of the dark eldar, and got a full army shot up on the blog, but did not get quite all the units I had set out to do. Still, I am pleased with what I did achieve but I do have those eldar allies to get done too. The list is still quite long of what I did not achieve, and although I did not do many new conversions in 2016 I still have a large backlog of stuff to get painted. Looks like 2017 is going to be busy already :)

 For the other gaming systems I did not achieve what I set out at all. My infinity, DZC, Malifaux and dreadball collections are still unfinished, although I have refrained from any more purchases so the backlog is not as big as it could be for them. I am tempted to sell off my infinity collection as I don't really play anymore, although I have put alot of work into them so it would be a real wrench to sell. My dreadball has only half a team left to paint, Malifaux crew 6 models left, and a fair chunk of DZC still left too.

 My Space Wolves have expanded massively however and I did not finish the whole army as I had planned. I got the 30k bug and upgraded/purchased a whole ruck of stuff (such as the new plastic heresy sets from GW and some resin goodness from FW) so my to do list has exploded to be a fairly large one. I am going to be sending some of it out on commission (1 infantry squad and a tank are already out being done with Nick from The Burning Eye blog) to beat the backlog. That is not the only primary factor though. I love the army and have been painting it for nearly 8 years now, so it has become a little stale for me to paint huge amounts anymore. The commission route is a nice compromise for me. I get my minis done and on the gaming table, which leaves me more time to work on other things like my DE and the other game systems I play. I will still be doing units from the SW army myself, such as more centre piece models like my Leviathan etc, but I plan to send out over half over the year. This is going to be funded by a bit of a clearout of my garage, which is full of models, terrain and stuff I have not used for years, as well as holding back on my purchasing until all my collection has been painted.

 2017 Resolutions Hobby:- 

 Dark Eldar:- I really want to up the amount of units I have painted for my DE. It is a great project and really pushes me as a painter and modeller. I have a quite large backlog of minis already converted, so I really want to work through alot of them this year and have a 2500 force to play with, all fully painted. Here is a list from my trello app which is what I aim to clear during 2017.

Closet of doom totally ripped off from Mordian 7th, but was so suitable I had to use the label :D

 Space Wolves:- complete painting at least half of the units I currently own (inc commissioning) and build all the rest ready. HH has been really fun to play, so I am looking forward to having a variety of units I can pick from to try out different list combos.

 Infinity:- make a decision on whether to sell of not. I am not committing to paint any of my backlog. I don't have the new rules so any game I do play is a struggle, and I have too many other games to focus on at the mo to worry about it just yet.

 DZC:- clear this trello list completely. I still love this game and want to complete my collection so I can run fully painted armies, as well as having that variety of models to spice up the games. A tall order to get this all done but doable I think. 

Malifaux:- 6 models is all I have left to do. Definitely achievable.


 Life continues to be busy, and I can't see that changing for a bit, but I do need to be a bit more disciplined in posting again. I still hobby when I can, so the plan is to do more wip updates as well as just the finished minis. It is something I have seen a few bloggers do, especially Rob over on 30kplus40k, and I always enjoy reading them. There has been a few issues with blogger/google which has also had an effect on the blog. The first and biggest is that Xacherials google pics account got deleted for some reason, and now all his pics here on the blog have disappeared. He is currently trying to contact google to see whats happened, so we have to hope he is able to get his account reactivated and the pics back up, as he has done some fantastic work and it is such a shame it has been lost. The second and not so big, but quite inconvenient, is to do with blogger. Google did an update recently which has stopped the app (Blogsy) I was using on my ipad linking to blogger. Unfortunately the blogger interface on a tablet just does not work well at all, so I am now having to use my pc to blog, and transfer all the pics I take on my phone over every time. This does not sound like much but it makes updating that much more of a faff and means I can't do my blogging while sitting down with the fam in an eve as I used to. I need to find a way round this but in the mean time I just need to be a bit more disciplined in my time management so I can write my articles and take pics in the times I have available.

 The last period of the year has been quiet for the blog, as I stated above, but I would like to see a growth in 2017, to try and engage new readers and branch out into different sectors of the hobby. Now I am no good at writing battle reports/tactics articles etc, so I might reach out into the community to see if anyone wants to start writing/showcasing their stuff on/for the blog. A few blogs I follow have guest authors, which makes a nice variation in the themes of the posts, and I enjoy reading such a variety of subjects, as well as the different writing styles. If you are reading this and are interested in posting your stuff/thoughts on here then please send me a line and we can get chatting about getting that started at

 Finally I want to wish you all a happy and successful 2017! May your wallets be large and your hobby flourish :)

 God bless


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