Saturday, 26 November 2016

30K Space Wolves Assault Squad Built

Been working on my 30K Vlka Fenryka Assault Squad in small increments over the last month or so, slowly building up sections of the models as the inspiration/will came to me.

Space Wolves Assault Marines

My blood claws have been used in my last few games of 30k as stand in's for an assault squad, but I wanted to mix in some 30k models so the squad has a heresy vibe. I also wanted the option to run 20+ assault marines (even though in every game they have performed terribly for me, and seem horribly overcosted for what they do) and had the bits lying around to make most of them.

I used a mix of 40k assault marine and B&C torsos, with legs coming from my bits box (with some work to make them more heresy in feel, such as trimming the knee guards and adding rivets to the armour) or from Anvil Industries. Pretty impressed with the quality of these, as I am with everything I have got from Anvil so far. I like the more MK3 feel to them even though the squad is primarily using MK4 armour.

I have been chopping up a load of my older marine models that I don't use to give them a new lease of life mixing, then into the heresy squads. The weapons you see already painted are pillaged from a few Grey Hunters that are being assimilated into special/heavy weapon squads (more on this in another post). I am rather fond of the brutal look of the weapons, and make a nice contrast to the chain swords the rest of the squad are armed with, and fit in with the blood claws (who will still be doubling up as assault marines as their backpacks are magnetised so they can run with jumps packs if needed).

Really loving building my Space Wolves at the mo. Playing 30K has been a breath of fresh air and thoroughly enjoyable. The rule set obviously suffers from the same issues as 40K but with no formations, fluffy missions and narrative play encouraged, transforms the game into something much more to my liking. I am getting an urge to paint something for La Danse Macabre again, but I don't think 40k will be seeing much of my tabletop time for a while yet (at least until 8th ed drops).

Ciao for now