Friday, 22 July 2016

DZC Scourge Corsairs

Scourge Corsairs

Well hello dear readers. I have another Scourge update for you all today. I am chundering through my backlog, and my target of all owned models painted by the end of the year is looking slightly more realistic than I first thought.

I wanted to paint these for a game I had recently, as in their unpainted form they were performing abysmally during battle. I have a slight superstition that unpainted models never do very well when I use them for gaming, but in this instance I am pretty sure it is their terrible stats and the general issues with fast movers (and my dice rolling). The have a pretty poor accuracy of a 4+ with one shot, and the reserve rolls to bring them in generally means I don't get them on till turn 4 (I am renowned for rolling very poor for reserves). To top it all off they are reasonably pricey (at 60pts each), which makes it a difficulty to find room for them. If they were 10pts cheaper I feel they would be much more useable, and seen more in peoples lists.

The models themselves are not too bad. Definitely not my favourite of the Scourge range, but not too bad none the less. They were actually more enjoyable to paint than I thought they would be, and I do auite like the flat look to them now they are done.




  1. Really nice. Yeah the models looks so good but they are really frustrating to use. Thanks for posting.

    1. Thanks egge :)

      Real shame about the rules. Maybe in the future they might get an update?? (We live in hope ;) )

  2. Disgustingly organic. They look great and totally disturb me looking at them. I just imagine face huggers coming down from the sky.

    1. Thanks dude :)

      They are pretty creepy models. The guns are especially face huggery in aesthetic :D