Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Carnival Crewman #3 - I'm a fool, let me blow my trumpet!

Yippee! Da fool is back in town, and busting out some tunes yo! I have finally finished the crew for my second Carnival Venom.

This guy actually painted pretty quickly, which was a relief. I kept him pretty muted compared to the others, but the model called for less garishness for some reason. The trousers were the only part I decided on a pattern as they are the largest area (and pin stripes are cool)., with colours added to just the hat and cloth on the trumpet. He is pretty full of character though so he can pull it off I think.

If the weather improves I can get some varnish on him and my next post will be the completed vehicle, crew and all! Then guess what? Army shot time!




  1. congrats on another completed crew member! The only thing I could think of with the "pin stripes are cool" is Dr. Who's bow tie, or maybe a fez :-)

    1. Hehe yes I should have green stuffed a bow tie in for sure.
      Thanks Joe. :)

  2. I love the pin stripes :o) Fantastic job!