Sunday, 3 April 2016

Hobby - March Review and April Goals

Hey there all you lovely peoples of the tinterwebs :). It is that time of month where I review my hobby progress over the last month and commit to a slew of new hobby projects for the following one.

So lets start with how I got on for my March vows and what my plans are for each system.


So I commited to painting Kornak Gazarot, the lieutenant option for my Morats. I managed to squeek him into the last week of painting, and I am pretty chuffed with the job I did on him. I mounted him on a 32mm base as he overhung the 25mm quite considerably, and I think he looks miles better and alot more commanding as a result.

While the urge (and enjoyment) is strong I will push on and complete my 4 man Daturazi unit. These are great models but should not be too complicated to paint. I use them in most of my lists so getting them done will bring me to a completely painted force (depending on list unit selection of course)

40k - La Danse Macabre

The 5 man warrior squad took up most of my months painting time, but I am really pleased I managed to get them done as they fill out a core slot for my DE force, and they look fab to boot, lots of character and colour. Dead chuffed I got these done and I feel pretty fired up to continue working on this army.

Now a troop unit is complletely done I want to focus in a vehicle or two, as my army is primarily mounted in vehicles for the first and second turns and you dont really see the troops until they get blown up or dismount for a charge. Also double trouble is up soon, and I need another venom for the list I am planning on taking, so I will get one done this month (not the crew).

Dropzone Commander

Failed here. I did make a little progress, doing all the base washes so the progress from here should be pretty swift. I will continue these into April so they will be one of my vows for thr coming month.


Some good progress here. I did vow to get a 10 man squad primed but I chose instead to continue with the building process, getting all 30 built, with the additoin of a rhino and Kurtha Sed built and converted. I still have the bolters to drill and do mould line removal on but after doing 10 I could not face anymore. I will get the other 20 done his month, but not going to do much more to them as I have a few potential busy spots coming up in real life and I want to focus on other things while I have the motivation.


I played this last week after a long hiatus (too many games, too little time) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I want to get through the two teams I have sitting unpainted to reduce the amount of gaming systems I have needing work. They are not the nicest minis in the world so I want to try the army painter quickshade dip method and doing some speed painting to get them finished. Should be interesting and a nice departure from my generally slow and detailed way of painting. Even if they look terrible I will post them up and talk about the whole process.




  1. Always good to see progress pal, the infinity guy looks great, even though as with a lot of infinity models I think the sculpting on this weapons is a bit underwhelming.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the next venom too in particular!

    1. Ta very muchly :)

      I think it may be a side effect of my painting that the weapons look so plain. A quick drybrush was all I did on him (and the whole army tbh).

      Can't wait to get another vehicle painted up, and the venoms are pretty enjoyable as a whole. Hopefully have some fun with the patterns and crew again on this one

  2. Looking forward to the next venom. You know how much I love this army!

    1. Hehe cheers dude. I hope I don't disappoint :)

  3. You're a machine! Dont forget to relax and smell the nappies now and then.

    1. Mmmm nappies! A smell I will never forget :D

      I have a busy month ahead (RL) by the looks of it, so if I do manage to achieve what I have set out I will be dead chuffed