Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Old Stuff Day - La Danse Macabre - The Beginnings


Well howdy hey folks. It is old stuff day today. This is a great idea cooked up by the fine gent over at Warhammer3999 for us bloggers to bring up an old post we felt would be of interest to you dear readers, either because it was early on in the blogs life (like mine) or it did not get the attention it deserved, or the subject matter is something the blogger feels is still relevant etc.

Well I would like to show you my first post showing my dark eldar on this blog. The models and conversions are still strong (although I need to go back and add a few line highlights here and there) but I am not sure if they have been seen much, as they were posted right at the start of my blogging adventure. I hope you enjoy looking at them, I am still proud of what I achieved and the army project is still going strong (albeit slightly slowly) :). I have gone back and edited the photos as my photo taking skills and equipment were still not great at the time. Well here goes...................


I love Dark Eldar. I have 3 main armies that I have been working on over a number of years. the Space Wolves were my first, Adeptus Custodes my second (grey knights) and Dark Eldar my third. I started the dark kin over a year and a half ago as I wanted something that was really different from the power armour armies I had focused on up to this point, and I wanted to really push my painting and modelling skills as far as they would go

I happened across a blog called the eye of error (check it out, awesome stuff) and he had done a few kit bashes involing dark eldar and a harlequin theme. I also came across a project log on the dark city by speedfreak, who also was creating a harlequin inspired force. Well I was inspired and my creative juices started flowing.


This army is more of a long term project as each model is an individual and has alot of time spent on the converting and painting of each one. I wanted to blend the Dark eldar aesthetic with a harlequin/carnival theme to create a really macabre army with tons of character and story. below are the first painted models I created for this army. Please visit my project log on the dark city if you want to see them in their unconverted state. I will start to post up my current conversions as well as previous painted squads, until I am up to date and can then just show what I am working on currently.


Fist up is my squad of wyches. Had great fun painting and converting these ladies and gents, and am really pleased with how they came out. I used wide range of parts for them but the main source was empire and brettonian trinkets, heads and arms, which give them a real carnival air. Forgive the quality of the photos, my photography skills were limited at the time of taking. practice makes perfect I suppose :)


The first 5

The whole nine yards

Hecatrix with venom blade and haywire grenade

Hag of hearts (Succubus)





Crazy Clown (Talos Pain engine)



NafNaf out!



  1. These are fab, I can't wait to see them in the flesh one day. Glad to see your Old Stuff post and Eye of Error too is an awesome shot out, I loved his Mariners Blight army, couldn't believe he only went and sold it!

    1. Thanks Dave :)

      The eye of error was one of the first blogs I followed. His stuff was just so inspiring. I loved his Mariners blight army, and the harlequin models he did really kickstarted my own project

  2. You sir have a gloriously twisted mind. Love it.

  3. Very cool. I had not seen some of those before, so I'm glad you dug those out.

    1. I am pretty pleased with them still, but because it has taken me so bloody long to get an army shot done they have got forgotten, so old stuff day was a perfect opportunity to dig em out again :)

  4. Those truly are spectacular - great stuff, man!

    1. Cheers dude :)

      The succubus is still one of my favourite conversions to date, but I do need to do a few touch ups on the paintjob. overall all of them have held up well considering it is nearly two years since I started them