Sunday, 13 September 2015

Yan Lo & Soul Porter

Malifaux Yan Lo & Soul Porter
My master and henchman were completed this week, and I managed to use them in a game today against Xacheriel. It was great to see my crew taking shape on the table, and it is something I would like to continue until I have a full crew complete. The game itself continues to impess. The abilities of each character within the crew really add alot of flavour & variety to the game, and offers alot of interesting tactical choices. Anyway onto the models..........

I tried to dirty my painting style a little with these two. I went for a palette of camo green and a dull orange, with a spot colour of turquoise for the 'pop'. The green and orange were washed with a watered down agrax earthshade and then highlighted up in 3 stages. I used typhus corrosion on all the metal bits, drybrushed with ryza rust and a final light edge of mythril silver. I did not blend a great deal with the highlights on the cloth areas, as I wanted to do a quicker job than I do on my carnival painting, but I think they still work pretty well, and the agrax gives them a nice dirty base. They are still a little cleaner than I intended but it looks like I need to practise the dirty style a bit more. I am happy with them though, the skin recipe is an especial favourite of mine now as I really like how it has come out.
As a final note, there is one thing I am very disappointed in. I assembled these minis over two years ago, and for some reason I either forgot, or could not be bothered to fill in the join lines on both models, which are unfortunately fairly visible. I had not remembered them when I started painting, and it was only right at the end, when I started applying highlights that they were really visible. It was too late by then, as they needed quite a bit of remedial work (filling and sanding) which would probably have stopped me in my tracks. I decided to carry on with the paint job, but it still niggles me when I look at them. Oh well!


  1. Quick tip: Sometimes you can fill small gaps or level out small mold lines with a few layers of gloss varnish and then just paint over it in your regular colors.

    1. That is a great tip, I did not know you could do that. I will def be doing that next time I have a similar problem (mould lines especially always appear out of nowhere). Cheers dude :)

  2. You can also use water effects, which dry transparent to fill larger more organic gaps. Excellent tutorial where a fellow uses it on a nid spore thingy.

    Color choices are great, and love the creepy skin tone.

    1. Thanks :)

      Cool I will have a google and see what is around. Wish I had known this all before :D