Thursday, 10 September 2015

Rekindled love - Infinity

Its been a while since I looked at my Infinity stuff but I've been having a play, so i've decided to share.

So this is Yu Xulien, my Daofei with a spitfire. Its a simple conversion, I've clipped the top of the HMG (because I hate the look of it). You may notice my bases are lipped. I wanted to recreate the look of the white stone at Bei Jings Forbidden city and these were the only resin bases available. (they are now available in non-lipped, but I aint changing now).

This is one of my fav minis in-game. So im pleased to have her finished.

I also based up my Zhanshi, including engineer and doctor

I also found a new storage system for my Infinity bits and pieces, and I will do a "un-boxing" video showing some details soon.

Apologies for the brevity of this post, im working on a longer intro post but Ive got writers block :D



  1. Nice work Archie! These are not the easiest mini's to paint! Suggestion on the bases...have some fun with them. You can use some thin washes to add color and interest to make them fit in with the mini's a bit more.

    1. Thanks Greg, I may have a go at that, I have enough to do some test ones first. Cheers A

  2. Good to see the infinity love return. I will have to crush you again with space monkeys soon :)

    I like the conversion to the gun. I never liked the bell like snout of the old style hmg's, your version looks miles better. Also digging the Chinese text on the base. Nice touch

    1. Nice one :)

      Your space monkeys are going to get skinned next time!