Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Recommended Reads

A few blogs I follow regularly have been running a similar feature to this, featuring articles and blogs that they have come across during their week of reading. I wanted to do one myself as I am a voracious reader and come across some great reads that I would like to share. I hope this will be a regular feature as there are so many cool blogs out there, and I am finding new ones all the time.

Ana from Gardens of Hecate has been doing some glorious conversion work building up some custom crews for her own Malifaux game. There are some stunning minis here, so full of creativity and imagination. I love them. On show in this article are pics of her new conversions, including faeries and troglodytes, and she shows them all together with the rest of the crews and a shot at the end of the terrain she has been painting and converting.

Nick over at The Burning Eye has been on a short hiatus but returns with a vengeance showcasing his awesome new tau colour scheme and all the work he has been doing on a bloodbowl pitch for his club. I am digging the new tau scheme, it is very tron and suits the hi-tech aesthetic of the tau down to the ground. Welcome back buddy!

Frothing Muppet's Land of Miniatures pledged last year to finish a small force of orks for a painting xhallenge among his mates, and has slowly been working through them. Well he has now finished and showcases his completed models alongside his already completed stuff. I think he has done a great job and I hope to see more of his orks in the future.

Rob at From The Horus Heresy To Infinity And Beyond has been doing some great work for his new Dark Angels chapter and painting his wicked looking death company army, but I liked his grav cannon conversion made using spare plasma cannons and grav guns. Check it out and the rest of his stuff, he has been putting out some great content at a pretty fast pace.

Greg has set a challenge over on feed your nerd for all us bloggers and painters out there. Paint up a dread! I hope to rise to his challenge and get my Bjorn painted. Check it out and pledge your dread, you have a month! ;)

See ya all soon :)





  1. Cheers for the shout out Naf! And also thanks for the links to 2 new blogs for the roll - Nick and Robs stuff look great.

  2. Thanks nafnaf! Glad you are joining in as well! I love nicks asymmetrical purple :)

    1. No problemo :)

      Gives me a reason to paint my Bjorn, who would probably languish in my cupboard for a good while otherwise

  3. DreadTober! Featuring Bjorn vs. Bjorn action! Can't wait to see what you do with him, man, I'm still deciding how to approach the paint job on mine.

    1. The battle of the Bjorn's :)
      It is gonna be great seeing everyone's entries when they are all painted up. Got so much to do this month it is going to be a real struggle to get mine done