Thursday, 24 September 2015

Malifaux Ashigaru


Howdy folks. I have been cracking on with my Malifaux crew in between the Dark Eldar carnival stuff (working my way slowly through a raider at the mo) and got these three skellie retainers done.

The main bulk of the models were armour so I covered all the plates with a wash of typhus corrosion followed by a drybrush of ryza rust. After that I did a final drybrush of runefang steel before toning the whole thing down with agrax earthshade. I wanted them to look like the armour has been hanging off them for a very long time (and I wanted a quick way to paint it ;) ). The cloth and banners followed the same scheme as Yan Lo, namely khaki for the trousers and orange for the banner with the spot colour of turquoise on the bandings around their waste. Overall fairly uncomplicated but I like how they have come out. The whole crew is starting to look really nice, and I hope to have more done very shortly.

NafNaf out!



  1. Greggles rust approved!

    Suggestion. Paint the banner poles a different tone or color. Blends too much with the armor plates right now. I'd do them in the same wood that the spears are in!

    Bases look fabulous!

    1. Yeah totally agree, it was just pure laziness on my part they weren't done a different colour. I will do a re-visit and do them the same as the spear shafts.

      Glad you approve the rust :). Must be ok if the king of rust likes it ;)

  2. They look great NafNaf, the rust and bone are really well done and the touches of blue really set off the orange. Great work!

    1. Thanks Joe :)

      They really needed the blue for a spot colour as they were a bit too plain without it