Friday, 14 August 2015

Oh oh ah ah banana! Final Khymera conversion Painted

My last Khymera conversion is now complete and painted. Of course I could not let my lone monkey go without a pal in my carnival beast pack, so here he is. Mr Monfufulous I like to call him.

Dark Eldar Khymera

The previous Monkey had a blue beach ball and a pink hat, so I reversed the colours on this chappie and went with a pink ball and blue hat. Works very well I think. A nice simple model to paint, but alot of fun. The orange fur was especially fun to do and it came out very nicely. I am also pleased with the blue of the hat and the little hearts on it.

One more model to go and my beastpack will be complete. It has been a slow week as I have had a big job interview to prepare for, but hopefully over the weekend I can get the last dude done and also finish my clown warp gate I have been working on.

Ta ta for now!

NafNaf :)




  1. Looking awesome Naf! Can't wait till there is a whole army of this crazy stuff! The clown warp gate sounds brilliant too.

    Hope your interview went/goes well :)

    1. Thanks Rob :)

      Hopefully by the end of the summer I can post some army pictures up (1000pts), thats the plan anyway.