Sunday 21 June 2015

Dark Eldar Talos Conversion.......with rocket feet!

Behold the flying Beast! My Talos conversion number 2 is complete.

I used the stormfiend kit again as the base for my conversion. I wanted this one to feel a little different from the last so I tried to come up with a theme for him. Recently I won a competition for a box of sci fi bits from aruki, and had a mantic marauder truck in there with a wicked engine and exhaust part. An idea was born. I went hunting for bits from various sites and started the build. It was all inspired from this engine part.

The engine and exhausts were used for the power pack on the talos (with the star as the core :) ) and I started to feed wires and tubes from this into all the mechanical parts I had added, such as his petrol tanks and the winch on his front (I love this bit, using the wrecking ball as his anchor and the wynch to drop and raise it as needed). I still had the challenge of deciding on how I wanted him to fly now I had the power core and exhausts sorted. During a desperate search for inspiration I came across the ork storm boy rocket packs. Eureka! His mode of transport was sorted. I built straps for his feet out of plasticard and attached the rockets tubes which were then fed from the petrol tanks. The only challenge left now were his arms

The talos kit is a wonderful source of bits for many of my conversions and this one was no different. How could I resist adding some tentacles, especially as they added to the sense of movement that the rocket feet were giving mr Talos. A spare killa kan buzz saw was spliced on and he was complete.

I am super chuffed with him. The amalgamation of bits work really well and it has a story and theme that I am satisfied comes across nicely.

What are your thoughts on him?

NafNaf out!

Ps. I would like to welcome a new author to our blog, Arcade81. He is a friend of ours who primarily plays 40k and Infinity and has an awesome dark mechanicum army he is working on. Look out for an article from him soon :)




  1. Looks bloody brilliant! Very mad max/steam punk actually. Could belong in the Thunderdome itself... (and would improve that film no end!)

    Loving the exhaust, skimmed the pictures and then immediately scanned the text to find out where you got it from, is brilliant! Would look great on any number of builds, including mechanicum ones at that.

    My second favourite bit would be the tentacles as an arm/hand, gives a very sinister feel of semi-sentient finger bits from a Haemonculus lab prying at people.

    Can't wait to see it painted naff :)

    1. Awesome thanks Rob :). I get the Mad Mad ref for sure, the exhausts are very much so :). It was those that inspired the whole conversion, such a great part. It would look great on a mechanicum robot or vehicle (maybe for one of your conversions on your project?). It really needed the tentacles too to make it have a dark eldar feel to it, so I am pleased you like them :)

  2. .........................................................................

    It is such an absolute joy seeing you make these creations. I really hope to see them in person some day, as they are just absolutely awe inspiring! I smile every time I come here and see one of these baby's in a post!

  3. Hehe cheers Greg. I am really enjoying painting and creating them at the moment, so its great you are enjoying them as well :). Really chuffed they make you smile too :)

    1. They really do. I show them off to all the FYN guys. They want you to get a hold of some more harlequin kits now haha

    2. Awesome :). The new harlie kits are amazing. I have a box on my shelf waiting for my next infantry conversion project (thinking of making my raider crews and scourges with kit bashed bits from them)

  4. So amazingly creative. Its unbelievable how you can create these monsters, and with such detail as the fishing reel to the spiked ball and those rocket shoes! Get some paint on him ASAP! :-)

  5. Thanks Joe! Much appreciated :)

    I am actually terrified to paint these, as there is so much detail to the models I dont know where to start!