Friday, 13 February 2015

Dark eldar Khymera conversion

Ohoh ahaha ahahaha.......... Another addition to my beast pack. A monkey conversion to stand in as one of my Khymera.
I had done one previously that worked really well (see end of post for comparison pics), and wanted a fun little project to work on alongside painting my venom. The base is a finecast jokaero with the arms chopped off and repositioned (also pinned) and rear mechanical bit sliced off and fur sculpted back on. Oh and I could not resist adding a top hat of course :D

I wanted the position of the monkey on the ball to seem like he was launching himself off the enormous beachball at his enemies (hopefully to give them a bit more than a hug and a banana), so melted the legs and feet in boiling water until I could bend them into different positions, at the start of launch. The pointing fingers also got the same treatment. The arms were a little trickier, but after playing with different positions (this is where pinning things really helps, as you can work out lots of different angles before committing to the final glueing and repair work) I found what I think to be pretty good dynamic movements for each arm. What do you all think of the positioning? Does it work?
I plan to finish my beastpack in the next couple of months, so this model will make a little more sense when you see him with all the other animals in the 'pack'.

NafNaf out!


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    1. Cheers Nick, glad you think so :)

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    1. You are a scholar and a gent, thanks! :)

  3. This army just constantly surprises me with glee and excitement. Such wonderful work nafnaf!

    1. :D awesome cheers Greg. I am thoroughly enjoying making this army

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    1. Thanks Thor. Can't wait to paint him :)