Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hobby new years resolutions

Yes it's that time of year folks when we all take a long look at what we need to focus and improve on in the coming year, a fresh start if you will.
Now when it comes to the hobby these things are less serious but it is still a healthy thing to plan and set goals to finish. So without further ado here is my list for the coming year. I have broken it down into armies and projects as it helps focus my ever decreasing brain cells :) Obviously there will be other things I will purchase or think up as the year goes on, but I think planning this way will certainly keep me focused a little longer than usual, and hopefully I will be able to complete some of them.

Dark Eldar
I have a number of units sitting on my display cabinets shelves that are aither half painted or the unit has only a partial number of models fully painted, so here is the list I plan to complete before I move onto anything else, as I have a tendency to be a bit if a hobby butterfly and zip around projects as I feel like.
. 5 warriors
. 4 man raider crew
. 5 lions (khymerae) & one beastmaster
. 8 slyth
And here are the rest of the army I have converted that is still waiting for paint. I would like to have a playable painted 1850pt force if possible asap, but need to finish the above list before I continue on anything else.
. 5 incubi & Drazhar
. Urien Rakarth
. 5 scourges
. 3 reaver jetbikes
. 5 grotesques
. 5 wyches

Space Wolves
Quite a few units have been languishing at the bottom of my cabinet, as trying to paint 4 drop pods in one go pretty much destroyed all my hobby motivation for quite a while, and the space wolf part has yet to return. However I plan to go to blog wars 9 this summer, and have a list in mind I would like to bring. So here is what I need to complete for said list, both painting and converting.
. 3 thunderwolf cavalry (build and paint)
. Bjorn the fell handed (finish converting and paint)
. 5 grey hunters with bolters (paint)
. 4 drop pods (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!)
. Twc iron priest (convert and paint)

Other projects
I have quite a few other game systems I have started, and would like to get a few painted and playable. I will not list all the models but just what needs to be done in groups, as I would be here typing forever otherwise :)
. Infinity Yu Jing japanese sectorial army (15 models)
. Malifaux masters of the path crew (9 models)
. Dreadball robot booster pack & mars attack team

And that's it for the coming year for me folks. What are you all planning to do for your hobby resolutions? Have you found they are worth doing or pretty much a waste of time?

Nafnaf out!


  1. Resolutions are never a bad thing. As you said, it's about setting a goal and that's a great thing to do. Considering how daunting hobby projects can be, so many models and so little time, positivity is great.

    I'm hoping to finish painting what I currently own for Chaos. I have yet to break that down, what specific models are left, but that's the general goal.

    Best of luck on your own!

    1. Cheers Thor. That's good to hear. I have never made them before but now I blog I thought it would be good to give myself some goals for the coming year.
      It will be good to see your chaos stuff get done. I have vowed not to purchase anything till I can get the above painted

  2. I'm planning on painting orks. Orks. Orks, and more orks. Orks until I'm tired of weathering powder :).

    Happy new year buddy! 2015 is the year of the lollipop gang :).

    1. Thanks Greg. You never can have enough orks!

      The year of the lollipop gang, I like that :)

      Happy new year!

  3. Crud. Just realized you're already using lions in your Carnival as Khymera (OF COURSE!).

    Not to make more work for you, but if you incorporate the Clawed Fiends Feral Grotesque conversion, maybe say they're sasquatches or bigfoots, ala Carnival freak show? Or maybe bearded ladies? Put expressionless masks on them to contrast with their obviously aggressive claw-y-ness?

    Or maybe you don't need Carnival justification, like with your lollipop men?

  4. Yes great idea. I was thinking as a bigfoot freakshow type thing for them (want at least two). I try to get some sort of carnival justification if I can, but sometimes an idea just fits, even if it is not so carnivaly in nature (although I think lollipops kinda fit? ;) )