Thursday, 8 January 2015

Budget infinity tokens

Playing the game Infinity necessitates the use of many different types of tokens for use as markers, status's or objectives. Now you can buy these tokens from places like Micro art studios, but they are very expensive and you need a great many to play the game.

Corvus Belli provide some in their starter box: operation icestorm, and you can download the rest from their website. Using paper or card tokens is great for starting out, but after a few games you will want something more robust, and less awkward to use, and this is where this post comes in: how to make your own permanent tokens, for minimal cost.
With the advent of a new edition (3rd ed) the game has had an explosion of interest, both at my club and the gaming community as a whole, so I wanted to bring this back to attention, for potential new players to the game. I read how to do this a while ago on the warteacher blog, where he creates his own, and I was inspired to do the same with mine and log my experience of it, hence the post below. (All credit for the idea to him, as it is great and works a treat)
So first of all I printed my tokens out onto paper. If you dont have access to a printer a copy shop could do it for you for cheap, as you only need two sheets of tokens. Corvus Belli provide some tokens on the side of the boxes their minis come in, so you can use these too just fine, but there wont be enough for all your needs. There are quite a few on here that you will probably never use, but it always pays to be prepared, and you have printed them out anyways, so why not eh ;)
The next step was cutting out all these wonderful tokens. Now scissors are ok for this but you always get a jagged edge, and they are very rarely completely round. The warteacher reccomended using one of these and I picked up a cheap 1 inch circle punch on Ebay (also can be bought from Amazon) and this cuts the tokens out in perfect circles (obviously if you want to do it super cheap you do not need to buy this, but I wanted mine to be as perfect as I could make them.....hobby OCD)
Lastly I bought some acrylic bottle caps from Amazon, 100 for £4 which was more than sufficient for my needs. These are what makes the markers more permanent and robust (and much easier to pick up :) ). Once the tokens were punched out all that was needed was peel off the backing from the caps, and stick the paper to the back, and hey presto! some awesome looking tokens for a fraction of the cost of buying them :)

Here is my pile below, all ready to go gaming with :)
Nafnaf out!


  1. Wow, you are my new hero! What a great idea, and thank you for that link to Amazon as well!!!!

    1. Hey Bill. No probs. I thought it was such a great idea I had to post up mine once I had made them. Glad it has helped you too :)

  2. 3rd Edition is kinda out of hand with all the accessories you need to play it now...
    So many tokens and markers, templates and even silhouettes now.

    Nice post. Now I'll just hafta figure out how to make some of those silly silhouettes.

    1. Hah yeah so true. When I started infinity I though 'oh great I don't have to lug all this stuff round like 40k'. Oh boy how wrong I was. Between the templates and models, there's the immense amount of scenery needed to play. I used to walk to my local gaming club when I played 40k. If I play infinity I have to take the car to carry all the stuff to play :D