Sunday, 6 August 2017

Yet here they stand, staining our world beneath their cursed feet...

Few among the Craftworlds truly believe that there are Eldar still living in the Eye. Only in the babbling of the deranged and the rhetoric of doomsayers are the twisted playthings of She Who Thirsts mentioned with any kind of certainty.

Yet, here they stand, staining our world beneath their cursed feet.

"Curious, is it not, that where they tread crystals sprout from the ground. Crystals of the same design as those that form our soulstones. Are these eldar trapped beneath The Great Enemy's gaze subtly rebelling against their master, providing us with the means to escape Her grasp. Or, more worryingly, is this all part of Her plan? Are the soulstones we covet so highly our salvation, or a trap?" 
- Illythian the Doomsayer, Outcast of Ulthwe

First of my Croneworld Eldar, which are actually a 'finished' warband! I'll hint a little more about the background and life of Croneworlders alongside the other members of the band, but this is a good jumping off point :)

As for the model, it's a little homage to one of my all-time favourite models. The kickass semi-shapeshifted Vampire Lord:

Hope I've done it justice!

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