Wednesday, 9 August 2017

She has sent her seekers to claim her due...

The idiocy of your infantile race truly knows no bounds. Thanks to your petty squabbles a great Rift has torn across the galaxy. Gates long thought sealed and safe have been rent open, exposing us. She has sent her seekers to claim her due.

This will not be forgiven.

"Kill it," the Harlequin demanded. The uncharacteristic level hatred of his voice took the others aback.

"Kill me and I will simply be born again." The sheer resignation in the wretch's voice momentarily staying the warlock's blade. 

"Recall, Harlequin, a time when our kind simply reincarnated upon death, our bodies but vessels for our immortal souls, inhabited briefly and traded freely. This is still the case for us. We are thrust back into the stomach of the Dark Mistress, there to be tortured and condemned until our turn as worldly playthings comes round oncemore."

"It is a cruel parody, from which there is no release."

It's my belief that these wretches are lingering souls from the Fall itself. What I find harrowing is the sensation that millennia of torment not only breeds obedience but also loyalty. Can you not sense it from them? They hate her beyond comprehension. Hate so strong that it comes full circle into something analogous to love.

What a twisted existence that must be.

- Illythian the Mad, Outcast of Ulthwe

First batch of the Croneworlders. I really enjoyed making these :) modelling mutants is really fun!

Although there's not a great deal out there from Croneworld Eldar, I did take considerable inspiration from a number of sources. First of which is this excellent piece of artwork which sort of summed up neatly what I thought Croneworld Eldar should look like :) alas I can't remember the artist, but whoever you are thanks!

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