Tuesday 25 August 2015

Dark Eldar Beast Pack

Dark Eldar Beastpack Conversions
Woohoo I have completed another unit finally. It only took me two years for this one! I am super happy with the results.
You may have seen bits and bobs from this unit posted up as I slowly worked on individual elements. I hope seeing the whole unit together makes much more sense than just individual models. I think it works really well, and all the seperate elements come together nicely.
The idea was of a motley circus pack goaded on by two beastmasters. I decided the mass element would be provided by the lion khymera's, with the monkeys and razor parrots added for some fun elements, and also because they were a blast to convert and paint :). I modelled the beast masters with lion cloaks to blend in with the pack, and gave them circus taming weapons for animal control purposes (or just to cause maximum fury by goading them on).
Alternative Khymeras
Razor parrots
Let me know what you think
NafNaf out!


  1. Amazing job. The models are great, fun, fit your theme, are well painted and really look awesome as a unit. Seeing your whole army done, or as done as any army gets, is going to be impressive.

    1. Cheers Thor :)

      My display cabinet is slowly starting to fill with painted units, Which is good and is keeping me motivated to get my first 1000pts fully completed.

    2. How many units do you have done at this stage? With all your conversion work on top of the usual hobby time, I imagine it's a slow process.

    3. Yeah it is pretty slow going. It is the painting that takes the most time and is what I struggle to keep motivated with.
      I currently have painted :-
      X2 Talos
      10 Wyches
      1 raider
      1 Venom
      X5 warriors
      X4 SSlyth
      Beast pack
      X5 mandrakes
      + a few hq options

      I want to get the 5 man warrior unit up to 10 man and paint a raider for my SSlyth, then my goal for 1000pts done should be done (or near enough)

  2. i look forward to the day when you name gets called at an event for best army by players choice. Because it will win, or there is no good in the world.

    1. Thankyou Greg, I really appreciate that :)

      It is all the encouragement and support I recieve from you and others that really keep me motivated to carry on painting and try and get a useable army to game with, that is complete

  3. I love it NafNaf! You have a seemingly endless surplus of creativity, and your crazy/creepy carnival theme is just amazing. Are there some army shots in the works now as well?

    1. Thanks dude, much appreciated :)

      Yes I have 5 more warrior models to paint and then I will be posting up an army shot. It has been a long time in coming