Sunday, 25 January 2015

Space wolf dreadnought conversion with frost axe and blizzard shield

 I love this model! There is nothing more exciting to a space wolf player when he sees a giant axe and rune encrusted shield, all ready to forge some sagas.

I painted this guy a little while ago for the last blog wars, but completely forgot to take any pics of the conversion, or completed paint job.

The conversion was pretty simple. The shield and axe fists fitted nicely onto the dread chassis without any problems. The hardest part was the press moulded fur on the shoulder, as it was a bit tricky to re-mould it to the shape of the contemptor shoulder. All worth it though, you can't have a space wolf dread without some fur and talismans.

NafNaf out!


  1. Looks great Nafnaf. I especially like your gold effects, and that absolutely lovely snow. Looks flawless. Kinda of that type of snow that has a frozen top layer. Just great!

    I think if you ever revisit the model, I'd just put a bit of frost on the bottom legs, since he'd be clomping through it :).

    1. Cheers Greg :). I am really pleased with how my snow method works now. Pretty much nailed it I think.
      Good tip on the bottom legs. Prob help him blend with the base a little better. At the start of the whole space wolves project I did start weathering the models I had painted (with FW powders) but they either competely disappeared after varnishing, or just fell off the model, so I didn't bother in the end with the whole thing. Prob time to start re-visiting it :)

  2. Lovely work, man! Really dig the addition of the axe and shield, it really feels more natural with the Contemptor chassis. Nicely done!

  3. Thanks Mordian7th :). I love the contemptor chassis, everything looks better on it I think :D. So much cooler than the main boxy chassis