Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Dark Eldar Cronos Conversion

Roll up roll up!
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the big-top, to the greatest show on earth – welcome to La Danse Macabre!
You are about to witness scenes both thrilling and dangerous. Never before has such twisted talent been presented together on the same programme. Exciting, terrifying, fantastic feats all on display before your very eyes – tonight! From the far corners of the heamonculus's den, the demented take much pride in presenting a freak of such hideous visage, such monstrous of form, that all who look upon him will writhe in agony and have their souls turned to smoking husks. He is the one who haunts your childrens nightmares, he is the ghoul in the cupboard, the skeleton in the closet, the monster under the bed. I bring forth for your viewing pleasure......... CRONOS!

Flung from the musty corners of my demented and fevered brain came this creature. The dream inducer, who feeds on the wispery tendrils, like a leech, and devours all before him.

I began this conversion with a necron c'tan I had picked up for very cheap a while ago on Ebay. After a bath or two of fairy power spray I managed to strip some of the thick paint coating the mini (some just will not come off, but it was good enough for me to start chopping). I had been gifted a few tentacles in a trade and put them to good use, along with a few other talos parts. I wanted to create a nightmarish creature, modified and experimented on by its haemonculus masters, and the wraith like wasted body of the c'tan really helped to evoke this. I especially love the contrast between the two arms, one muscluar and unnaturally enlarged, the other wasted and twisted, supported by tubes and steel bars.

I would love to hear your feedback on him/it :)

NafNaf out!


  1. That is super creepy - awesome build, man!

    1. Thanks vey much. I had alot of fun creating him : ). I get distracted by other game systems sometimes, but there really is nothing like the 40k universe for creating and converting your own stuff. Cant think of another game that has the same immersiveness as GW's.

  2. Absolute joy. Omfg. Your site is just a joy to come to. Never in a million years would I have thought about combining these parts. This is exactly why I love the hobby. This army is just going to drop jaws and scare children left and right!

    1. Cheers Greg. I am glad you enjoy visiting :) I loved making this guy. The idea has been mulling over in my head for ages, but I finally got the motivation to get him started, and hey presto a weird and wacky creature emerges :). He is gonna be a bit of a challenge to paint though.