Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Space Wolves Stormwolf Gunships Finished

I recently finished my second Stormwolf gunship for my Ragnar Blackmane Great Company, and it saw action at a recent Blog Wars tournament. I took two Stormwolves and they proved to be my unit of the match in each of my three games. Heres a pic top start and there is a gallery after the jump.


  1. Weathering on these guys look great. Glad they performed so well. Nothing worse then spending all that time on models to have them constantly blow up, or shoot your own stuff :).

    I'd suggestion putting a black sticker over the MM barrels if you don't want to drill them! (or a lick of black paint so it's not just a flat metal surface for the barrels!)

  2. These look really nice. I love the brown chipping against the blue base color.

  3. Very nice work! Really dig how those turned out.