Sunday, 30 November 2014

WIP House Hawkshroud Krastellan Militia

Continuing with my House Hawkshroud project, i've decided to add some militia to create a complete Krastellan army.

I need to add some yellow to the model but not sure where best to do this, this will also depend on whether I can get hold of enough House Hawkshroud transfers to use across the whole army. eBay seems to drawing a blank and a #warmongers shout out on Twitter has also drawn no success as of yet. Which leaves me the option of either not adding yellow, or trying to freehand or create my own transfers...

Of course if there is any interest i'll post a tutorial for this model. 


  1. Really like the scheme and colours you have going on here. Maybe just add a yellow stripe on the turret or sponsons. I dont think you need to go overboard on it really

  2. Really nice scheme. I particularly like how the camo adds a nice modulation which makes the tank really interesting. Combined with the work on the lines and rivets, and the weathering...just great.

    1. Cheers Greg, it's actually one of the quickest and simplest paint jobs I've ever done. I'm currently working on a chimera and test trooper model, which I'll post up in the next couple of weeks.