Sunday, 7 September 2014

Murderfang conversion WIP

I thought I would post up some wip pictures of my murderfang conversion I am currently working on.

I am a huge fan of the contemptor dreadnought models done by forgeworld, and with the wealth of dread options in the new dex I decided to combine the bits from the new sw dread kit and a contemptor, as I think the combo will look awesome and fit in with the vague pre heresy scheme in my force. The idea is to have 4 conversions eventually from the one plastic sw kit, so I would have bjorn, murderfang, ven and normal dreads all with the same style bodies.

I have made a start on my murderfang conversion, as he is the model I am most taken with at the moment, both rules and model bits wise (yes I am one of the few that actually like the bare head from this kit). It has not been too complicated so far, and the only greenstuffing I have had to do is repair work to the pelts on his arm and filling in the rest of his head in the cockpit, as it looked a little strange and empty at first. I am currently waiting for another arm to arrive but wanted so show some pics so far as I will start painting him before the other bits are here.

Nafnaf out!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks :). Looking forward to getting some paint on him now

  2. Already looks much better then the default model :).

    1. Thanks Greg :) he was a blast to convert and I am enjoying painting him so far