Friday, 29 August 2014

Star wars x-wing mission generator

Hey all. Fantasy flight just announced a new x wing mission generator over on bols wire. Here is the article for your viewing and the link over to bols wire. It looks pretty cool and we will be sure to be creating some more custom missions on this site soon. Bear in mind you need to be registered for the forum to view but if you are then great, get creating :)
Share Missions and Explore the Galaxy with This Free Online Tool
"Stand-by alert. Death Star approaching. Estimated time to firing range, fifteen minutes."
Star Wars: A New Hope

Inspired by the dramatic space battles of the original Star Wars trilogy, X-Wing allows players to wage fast-paced, squad-based dogfights between Rebel and Imperial starfighters. Flexible squad-building rules allow tremendous potential for customization; even with just a few ships, you hold a wide range of options with the game’s many pilots and upgrades.
Now, your X-Wing experience becomes even more personalized and customizable with the release of X-Wing Mission Control!
X-Wing Mission Control is a free online resource that allows you to design and share new X-Wing missions.

Build and share custom
X-Wing missions with Mission Control!

Recreate Famous Battles or Imagine Your Own!
Coordinate a daring assault run along the Death Star trench, confront the Rebel fleet outside of Endor, or dodge asteroids in pursuit of the Millennium Falcon. X-Wing Mission Control’s custom editor allows you to easily create any play scenario you can imagine, whether it’s drawn from the Star Warstrilogy or completely unique.
Simply select the size of your play area and define the ships you wish to permit. You can create mission-specific squad-building rules, or you can identify any number of specific ships and upgrades. If you use Mission Control to track your collection, it will even identify any mission components not included in your X-Wing collection.
Furthermore, Mission Control’s custom editor easily allows you to select components from all available X-Wing products. Will you try to break through the Imperial blockade with your GR-75 medium transport? Will you invent a mission to hunt down a powerful Imperial prototype starfighter? Shifting your focus from harrowing dogfights to large, tactical battles is as simple as dragging a ship to the map or removing it.

A screenshot of Mission Control’s map editor.

With Mission Control’s toolset, you’ll quickly create maps, define terrain elements, and add deployment zones, as well as any helpful mission-specific rules.
Expand Your Galaxy
Once you’ve created a scenario, you can download it to the Mission Control database. Mission Control allows you to publish your missions so that players around the world can download and enjoy them. All of Mission Control’s user-generated missions are free to access, and you can even vote for your favorites.
With its database of published missions, X-Wing Mission Control allows you to enjoy a whole galaxy’s worth of fan-created Star Wars drama!
All Wings Report In
X-Wing has quickly grown to become one of the biggest and best-loved miniatures games around the world. Simultaneously, its growth has been accompanied by that of an enthusiastic and welcoming worldwide community.
Now that X-Wing community gains another tool with which to express itself. Are you a part of the X-Wing community? Share your ideas and your love of the game. Explore X-Wing Mission Control today, and see what this free online tool has to offer you!
Please note: Mobile devices are not supported at this time. Currently, theX-Wing Mission Control beta is only compatible with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox web browsers. We invite all users of the Mission Control open beta to offer feedback or report technical issues by posting on ourforums.

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