Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Skirmish Miniature Gaming YouTube Channel

Howdy pardners! This is a shout out for a friend of mine who has just started his own YouTube channel for war gaming, called Skirmish Miniature Gaming. He’s covering games such as 40k, kill team, Malifaux, Underworlds etc.
He’s got a few videos up now on the channel, and they’re getting better every time as he gets feedback, upgrades his set up etc. I filmed 3 games of Underworlds last week with him, which have now been posted up (Sepulchral Guard vs Zarbags Gitz). Follow the link and check out the channel, and subscribe if you like what you see, there’s plenty more to come :)
If you’re an Underworlds officianado then you will probably notice we’ve got a few rules wrong at various points in the videos, but you’ll have to forgive us as we are only human (and we learn from our mistakes better than our successes ;) ). I’m filming another game with Luke on Sunday with my Goblins (Skaven) against the eyes of the nine, which should be a good game (hopefully ending in my victory!)


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