Friday, 19 January 2018

Elk-men bucks and first piece of scenery :)

There it is, the herdstone. Great stone menhirs erected where the veil allegedly wears thin, back in the times when the warherds swept through these worlds. Fell monuments. See how this one weeps blood from its pinnacle.

The two big stags collided with a sickening crunch. Enough force behind them to break bones. Enough force behind them to pulverise a Crow. This was the rut. One of the few times the Elgr gather in greater numbers, filtering in from the deep forests of their worlds. A time of blood and bone and muscle. A time to ensure that the future of their kind is as strong as possible. Strong enough to survive the coming hunts.

See the younger bucks on the periphery. Not quite their full-horned glory just yet, but practicing for when their time comes.

Another two Elk-men done :) that's nearly my whole scatter-herd. Just waiting for a final bit for the last model and we should get a little closer to why they're here, and just what the story of their worlds is...

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