Thursday 10 August 2017

Spartember - Join us for the challenge!

Hey folks. Do any of you suffer from hobby hoarder syndrome? That procrastination of your tank build getting you down? Well fear not, I NafNaf, and my fellow adventurer & blogger Turkadactyl  (check out his awesome blog, the roost of Turcadactyl) are here to help you move forward with your hobby life (by building a spartan assault tank!).

Yes that's right folks, you heard me correctly. Over the month of September (now aptly named Spartember) Turk and I will be building our long overdue Spartans that we both have left for far too long in our garages/hobby drawer of shame, and we invite you to join us in our endeavour! Release those spartans, embrace the glue and hobby knife (make sure you pack plenty of plasters) and get that badboy built over the beautiful month of September. We have kindly bestowed upon you 3 weeks in which you can dig those unloved tanks out from your closets, or better yet, buy one from Forge World and share with us your progress! Maybe you have one built already but it sits in a shameful state of unpaintedness (that is a word dammit!), well fear not, this challenge is also for you!!!!

Turkadactyl and I will update our blogs regularly with pictures of our progress, and we are both on twitter too, so let us know how you are getting on with your Spartan. Send us pics or a link to your blog and we will post them up over the month, to help inspire us and all those others who are joining this.

My Spartan, in it's box of shame
We both look forward to seeing all those Spartans! Now lets get planning!!


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