Thursday, 3 August 2017

All creatures great and small

All creatures great and small,
The Plague God made them all.
- Twisted Albian Proverb, popular among legionnaires of the XIV

...slobber gribble slurp...

We assume it must have been human once...

You will find, dearest friend, that all beings have their place in creation. Naturally, humanity's is below ours. Is not the fact that we do not seek your extermination not proof of our benevolence?

I must admit, it was really quite fun making this little gribbly dude :) there will definitely be more where he comes from, but for the moment this is it as far as the Blightdar have got :)

Only a couple of thoughts on the background for this guy. While I do like the idea that of all the beings in the 40k universe it's only a twisted and diseased slenderman Herald that's advocating interspecies co-operation...he's still an Eldar. In this case 'co-operation' means treating humanity like pets rather than vermin ;)

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