Monday, 3 July 2017

Dwarf Slayer Character for Warhammer Quest

Greetings O brothers and Sisters of the Web!

Behold A distraction! Yes I am easily distracted I must admit. This time it was for my gaming clubs Warhammer Quest dungeon crawl that we had started playing.
I was using a Dwarf Fyreslayer character but I wanted something I could call my own and build up experience with as I crusaded through the dungeons. I had this Dwarf chappie sitting in a box for quite awhile in an unassembled state. I bought him for my extremely brief foray into Frostgrave, but after a couple of games I decided it did not fulfil my expectations and all the models now sit in a box waiting for some use.

I wanted the paint job on this guy to be fairly quick and uncomplicated, as he is only a gaming piece after all, and I did not want to lavish too much time and attention on him. I went with a pretty unadorned look to the leather trousers, and did not bother with tattoos and the like, which I could have easily been tempted into doing as it would have suited this character so well. The flesh I wanted to have a green tinge to it, as he has been questing for long periods of time in magic infused dungeons, and it is slowly having an effect on his body (as well as going pale through lack on sunlight. Gotta get them vitamin D's in ya). It was done using rakarth flesh, with a very watered down green wash, then highlighted up with rakarth and pallid wych flesh. The gold and silver is pretty basic but looks good, just base, wash and highlight. For the base it needed to fit in to the dungeon environment, so stones were added and blended in using the textured GW paints, and then the whole lot painted a turquoisy green to match some of the dungeon floor tiles. Ties him in nicely to the game board tiles, and it was pretty fun to paint too.

I have already used him once, and he spent most of the game whiffing all his attacks and nearly dying on multiple occasions. Hopefully that was just rookie misfortune and he will fare much better next time round.

Catch you all soon


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