Friday, 16 June 2017

Through the sandstorm strides a Wraith, languid grace belying its hulking frame...

One of the effects Revenant Psykers of the Ynnari have is to rouse the spirits of the dead to a state of near-consciousness in their presence, as opposed to the sort of half-life they normally inhabit inside the Infinity Circuit. Here's a question though. What happens when you bring a soul back to near consciousness that's been interred into the shell of a Wraithguard? The first revelation would be that you discover that you are dead. Prior to this, you absent-mindedly wander through the swirling echoes of soulstuff, unable to differentiate the living from the dead. The second revelation would be that you discover you've been interred into what amounts to a mute sensory deprivation tank and used as a tool in the the most bloody and vicious conflicts your living kin have fought.

Consciousness inside a walking tomb is not a blessing, it's a curse.

However, such consciousness once gained is not lightly given up. Many Wraithguard abandon their stations upon Craftworlds to follow Ynnari prophets, desperate to avoid slipping back into the fog of their half-life. Such companions are highly prized by the prophets of the Dead God, having a marked impact on those they wish to convert. Many are festooned with charms and scrawled messages, believed to be carried to deceased loved ones by the wakeful Wraith.

That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with these strange aeons even death may die. - Khalfhirin, Prophet of Ynnead

First real attempt at weathering :) turns out it's really fun! Bit nerve-wracking to be going over what feels like a finished model, but the result feels really nice when your model has just that extra hint of gritty realism to it.

There's a couple of little touches I want to go back and revisit, like a little Runelord Brass on the gemstone of the Ghostaxe, but apart from that he's done :) hope you like him!

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