Thursday, 1 June 2017

Hi, I'm Ynneadwraith and I like Eldar.

Wait! Come back! I've got neat things to show you. Honest!

NafNaf has kindly invited me to contribute to Objective Secured which I'm very flattered by. First time blogging so I'll try and do my best! I'm not quite the accomplished painter that NafNaf is, and my GS work is hardly comparable, but hopefully you'll forgive me those failings ;)

I'm a big proponent of the grimdark weirdness of the 40k universe, and like many others I've been inspired somewhat by the INQ28 movement in its delving into the finer detail of the infinitely twisted human cultures in 40k. My current ideas tend to revolve around applying a similar lens to the myriad Eldar cultures, of which the official factions are surely just a snapshot.

Here's a taster of some things to come :)

I'm a bit of a hobby butterfly too. I'm sure I'm not the only one with more ideas than time, so there's plans for loads of other little bits and pieces both human and xenos which hopefully you'll find interesting.

Looking forward to sharing them with you!

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