Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Bog Branchwych & Bodyguard Painted

"Upon arriving at the village the Azyrheim topographers asked the locals what their dealings with the Sylvaneth was like. They assured us that the people still around had only positive experiences with them.

However, they failed to explain to us what happened to the people who WEREN'T still around. Needless to say, we also had a negative experience. "

- Expedition report from last survivor. 
(Fluff written by BaronKlatz on Reddit. My thanks)

Bitterness.... The long and slow crawl towards the light.... Pain.... Rebirth..... Purpose. The mother had spoken , and she now knew what must be done.
' Lead my offspring, my child. Punish the ousiders for their transgressions. Burn them, consume their flesh and make me an army to purge this land' the mother wispered, as she was birthed in fetid water.
Death and destruction would follow in her wake. No rest, no respite. Only war....

It is with pleasure I can show you my finished branchwych and her bodyguard. I really enioyed painting these three. I feelnibhabe refined my process too, which is great, as it makes it a little more consistent and repeatable in the future.

I really like how the corrupted plaguebearer bodies work with the wood arms and heads. It makes them very freaky and gives off that rotting vibe, without making them look too nurgly (I think anyway). I particularly like the tentacle on her back. Such a great bit, and the painting has come out pretty cool too.

I am working on 10 more dryad conversions while I am on a roll, and then it will be bog Durthu's turn for some paint


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