Sunday, 26 March 2017

Life and a Hobby Update

Things have been pretty eventful here in the NafNaf household of late. I may have mentioned previously that life has been pretty busy over the last few months and there has been little time to hobby.
Well the main cause of that (aside from the usual draws on time i.e. Job and kiddie) was an upcoming wedding between myself and (now) Mrs NafNaf. Well this happened last Saturday and a great day was had, and we are now happily married.
After I drove the relatives to the airport on Thursday I had my evenings back and was able to sit down at the hobby desk, which has been lying vacant for nearly a month now, and was little used the previous few tbh. It felt really good to get going again and be able to start cutting and gluing again, without any time or budgetary constraints bought on by the wedding (as an aside, holy shit weddings are a money drain!!!!)
i just let my hobby mojo go for it and just worked on whatever I felt like doing, with no plan or anything like that to decide on what I would do for the few hours I had to myself. What this meant was I did a little of everything, which is what I will benposting below. There are a few things I have never shown on the blog that I was finishing off, and little bits and bobs on other projects. Fun was had and it was good to get the glue and knife out and assemble some little plastic men again! :)
First up is a whole load of Space Wolves. With the release of inferno I needed to do a bit of tweaking to my infantry so they could be used as grey slayers.

First up I had a unit of missile launcher dudes that I had magnetised, plus a few infantry models that had bolt guns in one hand that I could swap out, so I fished out a few painted weapons I had in my bits box from previous weapon swaps and magnetised the whole bunch of them (I am fed up of having to change/buy models every time a new book is released and loadout options change. By magnetising I am future proofing my collection, as well as giving me flexibility in weapon choices in my army lists).

The second lot I got round to was finishing off my caliver special weapon squad arms (magnetised of course). The bodies were old wulfen conversions I did years ago, so simple head and arm swaps were all that was needed to get these into shape. Did not have much to finish off on these, but pleased they are now ready for paint.

A very quick one. I needed some sergeant models for my two special weapon squads, so added some anvil industry plumes to mark them out from the rest of the squad.

You may have remembered the assault squad I finished a few months ago. Well I decided I wanted them to also run as grey slayers, so magnetised a load of back packs for maximum flexibility. Win! :)

Lastly for my Wolves I finished up magnetising my Leviathan. He has been sitting for ages with the main body done but no weapon options as I could not be bothered to build them. Above you can see the two gun options I have magnetised, and I have also done the two fist variants as well. All interchangeable so I can run any combo. Love this model, so menacing. I do have a few Wolfy bits to add then I can call him done.

Zombies! I have never posted any of my Kings of War stuff, as it has been something I have worked on quietly for a year now. I bought loads of painted minis off eBay and did all the multi basing (this was the big appeal to me, as it let me do some cool graveyard themed bases but not have to paint hundreds of minis). These guys are all ready for finishing the baseball painting. I did the brown base colours on the sand, but now just the highlighting and grass to do.

I love this unit here. They remind me so much of the 90's games workshop art and hero quest. I had a lot of fun building this base up, painting it and doing all the composition. It looks so goofy but slightly menacing too. Probably my favourite multi base so far. Again just the sand to finish painting on these. I need both for our clubs tournament in May. So they will both be finished pretty soon. I will do a whole post when I get this army finished. They look pretty cool and I only have a few units left to do.

This ones for Rory! I failed miserably at my Squadary Vow, but I really want to finish this unit for La Danse Macabre, so I went public on twitter and extended my Vow. I Pledged to finish these by the end of summer, which sounds easy, but as you can probably tell from all the pics above, I am an incredible hobby butterfly, and also a very slow painter, so I might actually struggle to achieve this :D

Hopefully I can get back to my regular posting schedule soon after so long with infrequent posts. Catch you all soon :)


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