Sunday, 5 February 2017

Commission Work by The Burning Eye - legion SW Tactical squad

Nick aka The Burning Eye from the same blog name, recently posted up a request for some commission work volunteers, as he was looking at setting up his own sideline commision service and was offering a really cheap deal so he could try out his hand on a few guiney pigs first :)
As you can probably guess, I took him up on the offer, commissioning him to paint a Space Wolf tactical squad and a rhino for me. I gave him quite a precise list of paint requirement and processes to follow, as I wanted him to match my existing paint scheme, which I am sure was quite daunting when he received the rather long email with my request. Fortunately the scheme is not too complicated, being mainly base colours and washes (The idea behind the scheme originally was to not have to do any line highlighting and other such time consuming stuff, but get a good tabletop standard army to play with in without having to spend days on individual minis and squads).

After he had perused my scheme and agreed to do it, I packaged the minis before Christmas and sent them on their merry way to Nick, with an understanding that he would not start them till after the festive season. After regular updates when he started on the job, I received the squad mid Jan and I am very happy with what he has done for me. He followed my specifications very well, and the models he has done fit seamlessly into the rest of my force, without it looking like someone else had painted them. I did do all the basing and applied the transfers, but I had requested that Nick leave these for me to do, partly because I enjoy basing (I know, weird right) but also because I wanted the bases to be in my own style and method, for that final touch :). I still have the rhino to apply the transfers on, and I always gloss and then matt varnish the SW vehicles, as it stops the streaking from the wash method I use to weather and colour the metal base-coat. Unfortunately the UK in feb is a damp humid bitch, so it might be a little while till I can get it ready for photos, but the squad is ready to join the rest of my expanding heresy force :)

I am happy to say that I am really pleased with the whole commissioning service Nick offered. He was very willing to paint to a recipe and method that I had specified, that could possibly be not to his style, and thus more difficult (or at least annoying) to do, and the quality of what he achieved was to a good standard. I have another squad and rhino winging their way to him soon, which is testament to how well he did for me. Go check him and his work out on his blog, he will be posting up soon with more info and his prices etc.


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