Sunday, 24 January 2016

Suryat & Sogorats

Suryat, Sogorats

Well howdy hey readers. Got a few Infinity models to show you that I finally got around to taking photos of. The Suryat and two Sogorats are heavy infantry in my Morat sectorial army and I painted them in the same scheme as the rest of my force.

I was meant to be posting up my Malifaux Izamu the armor but unfortunately I had a minor varnishing disaster. We finally had a reasonably dry & warm day here in the uk and Imtook the opportunity to spray my izamu with testors dullcoat while the weather held. Alas after leaving him to dry in the garage (had to go and do family stuff all day) I returned to find him milky in a few areas like the sword and banner tops. Bit peed off as I have had to go back and do some remedial work to get rid of it (the gloss varnish trick got rid of most but it still showed in places). Hopefully I will get him done in a few days and post him up.

Enough of him, let me show you my Infinity minis. The sculpts on all 3 of these are pretty cool IMO and I was really looking forward to painting them up. I chose these to do after my vanguard as they are beasts on the table, showering the enemy in a hail of bullets while being able to soak up alot of punishment in return. The colours were kept in the army scheme, with the green combats and orange armour plates, with the cheeky blue spot colour to add some interest. Really happy with how these turned out, and pleased the scheme is working across a few different models & sizes.






Sogorat with Fuerbach & HMG






I will get my Izamu up this week and then I have a 40k raider crew I am still working on, that I hope to have finished by the end of the month (although I will be living in hope that the weather is ok and I can get them varnished and mounted on the raider). I also have a secret project I have benn planning, and all the bits should be arriving this week for me to do a little post on it. Pretty excited to be starting it and sharing my project with you all :)