Sunday, 15 November 2015

Recommended reads #2

After a small life delay, I have managed to collate some cool reads for all you folks to gander over. These are all blogs I follow, and although I have highlighted some recent articles I enjoyed I would highly reccomend you check out the rest of the blogs when you have a read, they are all worth a more in-depth viewing. Enjoy :)

Creative Twilight - Thor has finished batch painting another unit of Bloodletters, and talks a little about batch painting and taking notes when you paint! This resonated with me as I hate batch painting, so always forget my paint recipes when I come to do the next lot (usually after an extended break)

40k Addict - Dave is a stellar painter, and his nids are a sight to behold. He has recently been working on an imperial knight, and this article touches on a few details like the pauldrons ect. I love the attention to detail he is showing on these, and the depth of colours he is getting with his shading and weathering is great to see

Sprocket's small world - You just have to check out the progress David is making on his plague bearer. He is a golden demon einner, so as you can guess his painting is amazing. While you are there make sure you check out his finished gutrot spume, truly exceptional!

From Horus Heresy To Infinity and Beyond - Rob is working his way through a dark angels horus heresy army, and has some cool conversions also from age of sigmar models. In this article he showcases his first try at using zenithal painting techniques to paint his black armour. Looks bloody good to me :). He also goes into how he achieves this affect in a later article

Gardens of Hecate - I just love Ana's work, and here she shows off a new member of her custom Malifaux crews, and the terrain she scratch builds. Great stuff

Modern Synthesist - Mr Pink makes some truly creepy and terrifying conversions for his Dark Eldar coven, and here he shows off the results of his recent vow to complete apainting a few of his units. It is great to see some paint on his fantastic creations, and it really brings them to life.

Almost Perftec - Zab showcases his stunning work on a Harley Quinn model. His beautiful subtle blending on the muted colours, and the contrast with the fantastic display base makes for a really gorgeous miniature,and makes me want to start creating some display mini's like he does

Blog De Kouzes - This french blog has some truly great conversions and army projects, but I really like the conversions here of his warp talons. They look so brutal and chaosy, and the imagination and work that has gone into them is stellar!

Well that's all for this episode. Check out the articles and enjoy reading :)

NafNaf out!



  1. Thanks for the shout out! Looks like a have a few more to add to ye ol blog roll myself :)

    1. No problemo :)

      There are some crackers on there for sure :)

  2. I appreciate the linkage. Now to click through to see some cool stuff.

  3. DUUUUDE. Thank you SOOO much. I've never experimented with any plugs like this, but clearly I should. Also, I'll make sure you're a part of my blogroll, for whatever that's worth :P