Sunday, 26 July 2015

Space Wolves: Lone Wolf & Venerable Dreadnoughts

Over the last month i've managed to finish a lone wolf conversion, a different set of weapon options for a venerable dreadnought and a venerable with fenrisian great axe and shield, so i thought I would share them with the blogosphere...

The lone wolf conversion is very simple, it's just a werewolf miniature from Mantic with the addition of a terminator wolf claw and shoulder pad combined with a storm shield from Anvil Industries. The werewolf models come in a pack of three so I have a second lone wolf on the painting table at the moment. I liked the idea of a lone wolf deep striking into the battlefield then going feral as the mark of the wulfen takes hold.

I've also finished alternative weapon options for my relic contemptor and completed a shield and axe contemptor dreadnought. I've used them in a couple of games so far, I really like them I just wish they were a little bit more survivable and had the 4 base attacks of the standard space marine dreads, is it too much to ask for an FAQ from GW to address this?

I've got half a wolf guard biker unit finished as well and am cracking on with the other half as I write, so i'll be sure to share those soon. I just can't decide whether to have them as wolf guard or swiftclaws....


  1. Forgeworld did said to use the 4A baseline for the contemptors and all SM style dreads. It has not be "put in pdf" yet though :(.

    I absolutely adore these guys. They look so flipping awesome, and especially the axe and shield look far better on the contemptor scale then the normal dread scale.

    I also really like the lone wolf, that was a brilliant idea!

  2. Wow, between you and NafNaf, you are unleashing all kinds of awesome SW. The lone wolf looks brilliant Xacheriel. The contemptors looks great with the space wolf weapons

  3. Contemptor models are just awesome to begin with and done up this way, all wolfy, they look great. I like the subtle scratches on them and the pose on the one with the shield is perfect.

    The Lone Wolf model is a great match and fits in great with the conversions. Good choice.