Thursday, 30 April 2015

Dreadball: Quick & Easy Asterian Team

I've been working on getting some of my non 40k miniatures painted and have just completed a Dreadball Asterian team.

This team was very simple to paint while achieving a decent tabletop standard. Here's how I painted this team: 

1) Prime models with a good coat of white.
2) Grey shade primed model with a light wash of nun oil. 
3) Apply a very light dry brush of White Scar to the model.
4) Wash the main body of the model with two washes of Leviathan Purple.
5) Wash the head with twice with Reikland Fleshshade.

Once dry I did some simple detailing on the model... 

1) Paint straps in black.
2) Paint buckles, studs and any mechanical parts with Leadbelcher.
3) Paint the Dreadball glove detail, and gems on the model with Warpstone Glow and then highlight with Moot Green. 
4) Base and then stick to base, edge highlight threat hex facing with Moot Green.

That's it, the models work with washes very well, and the whole team took about two hours including drying to complete.


  1. The best part about this post...I didn't see dread ball...but i did see what looked like a disco, and a bunch of mini's participating in a dance competition. Had a great laugh!

    That is some stellar work for such a quick job. Armor plates are really poppin and easy to see.

    1. Lol they do look like they are dancing! :D

    2. :D well the team doesn't have a name yet, so I'm thinking it's got to be something disco related....

  2. Looks good man. I am going to try that technique for my Mars Attacks dreadball team I think. Will they crush me even harder in the game now they are painted? :D

  3. They came out well NAfNaf.. still waiting to see you paint the stuff you won :P

    1. Hey Aruki :). I can't claim credit for these. They were painted by xacheriel (blog co-founder). They do look cool though. I am planning to do a Dreadball splurge soon as I have two teams needing paint, as well as the stuff you kindly sent :)

  4. They did well despite three deaths last night. Close fought match vs. the Ancients. They came our really well in terms of paint job and I think I will be going down this route in future.