Thursday, 29 January 2015

Domaru Butai

Another Infinity miniature complete. I am slowly working my way through my collection, but am unfortunately far off from getting them all done. I want to get at least a full 300pt team painted for regular gaming, and work in the rest as and when I feel like it.

This chap is the lieutenant for my force, a heavily armoured samurai who beats face on the tabletop with his chain rifle and samurai sword. I fielded him for the first time a few days ago in a game using the new rules and profiles, and he was an absolute beast! His high close combat skills and martial arts really helped him to slaughter his way through my opponents force, before dying a glorious death. No seppuku here :)

The colour scheme is still linked to the other Yu Jing models I have painted, but this guy has alot more armour and no cloth to paint. The challenge was to make him fit in with the colour placement on the armour, but I think I managed to pull it off ok. I added more green to the gun to try and make it a bit more interesting, but I have to be honest, I struggle a little bit to paint green for some reason, and on reflection I am not entirely happy with the result. It will have to do, practise makes perfect! I think the next Infinity model I work on I will pay even more attention to the gun. The green definitely needs more gradients & subtlety in its shading, and the metal on the gun also needs some time and highlights spent on it. I sure am learning a lot from painting these though :)


NafNaf out!


  1. Those red/oranges....just hits my fav color palette right on the nose. Just a great use of color throughout the mini. Everything looks great on this guy.

    Nit pick critiques (or adjustments) on this one.

    1) Extra spot highlight on the eye lenses. Since we tend to look at the face, I feel a little bit brighter highlight there would grab your attention a bit longer.

    2) variance in base tone. If you've ever seen how james works, he uses some glazes and wash to break up the flat surface areas of his bases. I think this might help you here with that large flat area. (These are super nit picks).

    1. Some great input there Greg, thanks :)

      It is pretty easy to go back and add an extra highlight on the eyes on this one. I did try a little osl effect to try and bring them out more, but will add a small dash of light green to make them bling.

      Not sure what I will do about the base tbh. I quite like the contrast between the pavement, leaves, drain and then flat asphalt. Something for me to consider for the next one anyway :)

    2. Honestly I started numbering my comments and then I was like...shit what do I put now. So the base was just an observation more then a change. I think its important when looking at these to remember if they are for gaming or competition. Competition? I'd vary that base more. Gaming? Perfect because it provides a ton of contrast and makes the figure pop off the base and showcase the colors.

    3. :D no worries, just because I don't necessarily agree doesn't mean you should not write it :). (Although I do kinda agree). I totally get your point about the base, but as you (quite rightly) say it is a gaming mini and the contrast works quite well for all the colours on the model. Also when put as part of a group the different height and texture variations work quite well,which does not always show when displaying a mini in a vacuum. Certainly something for me to consider for the next one. Maybe some experiments with washes ect like you suggest, to vary the flatness a little.