Friday, 7 November 2014

Blog wars 8 - Vlka Fenryka!

Hey folks. Off to blog wars tomorrow and I thought I would not break with tradition, and post up my list :).

Now this was not the list I had planned to take, but I could not paint all I wanted to in time, so I had to change it last minute. I have not play tested this at all and have no idea how it will work on the table but hopefully I will do ok. I wanted to go with bjorn as a hq in a drop pod, followed by 2 units of twc, another melta land speeder, and a unit of grey hunters in a drop pod. The idea was to have an alpha strike of dreadnoughts dropping in back field, with the twc threatening the flanks and lining up for a charge second turn. Would have been fun to play I think (but not very competitive I have been told :) )Oh well never mind eh! Here is my modified list below.


1850 pts champions of fenris detachment - company of the great wolf


Hq - Wolf lord on thunderwolf, storm shield and krakenbone sword (warlord)


Elites -

Murderfang, drop pod

Venerable dreadnought, blizzard shield and axe, drop pod

Dreadnought, multi melta, drop pod


Troops -

X14 blood claws, (riding in land raider)

X10 grey hunters, x3 chainswords, x2 melta guns, rhino

X10 grey hunters, x3 chainswords, x2 plasma guns, rhino


Fast attack -

Land speeder, multi melta

X3 thunderwolves, storm shield


Heavy support -


Land raider


Wish me luck :)

Nafnaf out!



  1. Good luck bringing the murdermake dude !

    1. Thanks :) I hope he tears some face!