Sunday, 27 July 2014

Imperial Knight Work In Progress

I've just started working on my second House Hawkshroud Imperial Knight. So far i've laid down the base coats and done some basic washing, so i'm ready to start detailing.

The metal areas of the Knight have been basecoated Leadbelcher then given a wash of Nuln oil, this was then dry brushed with Necron Compound.

From there i've used Balthasar Gold to pick out areas that will eventually have a tarnished look to them, and Warplock Bronze on the cabling areas. The whole thing has then been given a 50/50 watered down wash of Agrax Earthshade to give it an oily, worn, engineered look.

I mentioned this was my second Knight, here is a picture of the first...

I chose House Hawkshroud for two reasons. Firstly, the background of them really appealed to me, the honourable knights fighting wars all over the galaxy and being honour bound to different factions that they fight with.

Secondly I think the yellow colour scheme looks great on such a big model and really compliments my Ragnar Blackmane Great Company, some of which are pictured below.

This is just a very small selection of some of my Space Wolves, but i'll show a few more of them in future posts.

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  1. Reminds me so much of the old Adeptus Titanicus days. Knight looks great mate, yellow is one of my favourite colours, yet I find it one of the hardest to get right, however that finish looks spot on.