Sunday, 20 January 2019

Skritch Gobbo - Warhammer Underworlds Moonclan Grot Warband Conversion

Greetings! I’ve finally managed to finish my Skritch Gobbo conversion. Got to be honest, there were moments where he has been quite a slog at times.
There’s always a stage with a mini where everything looks like crap and thr finish line seems sooo far away! With this one, it was lots of little bits that I just struggled to get through, such as the different metals and different elements of the staff handle. It didn’t help that I managed to break the staff head off while painting 3 times. In the end I had to rip the original pin out of the head and drill all the way down through his hand and re pin the head on, then sculpt the staff back on. Doesn’t sound much but when you’re 75% through and struggling a bit for motivation it does knock one for six ever so slightly. That said, I’m really pleased with him now he’s all done. The yellow on the head took quite a number of thin coats to get right (plus a lot of glazing to blend the layers together). Worth it though as it’s quite a focal point on the model, and the rest can be a bit overpowered by it. I just added a few flames to the hood as well for a bit more interest to the model. Without them the black is a tad overpowering. The mushrooms on the base help with this too. I used all the colours from the other 4 models of the warband so he ties into them, and adds bags of colour the the whole thing too. Not too shabby IMO :)

I’m all done for the grand clash now. Looking forward to a trip to hobby Mecca on Saturday. Who knows, maybe shadeglass awaits me! (I doubt it)

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