Tuesday 15 August 2017

Chapter Approved - Part 2 of 3 Interview with NafNaf

Apologies for the delay in posting up the link for this. I have had a lot on this weekend, with my lad being ill and now my wife down with the flu (it never rains but it pours as they say). Released last Wednesday was the second part of 3 episodes that Tibbs interviewed me for on his Chapter approved podcast. The episodes are half an hour in length, and he is talking to me about my Danse Macabre Dark Eldar project, general hobby thoughts and chit chat between two like minded people :)

I really recommend that you subscribe to the podcast and listen to his back catalogue of episodes. There are some really good ones (they all are good tbh) and my favourite so far has got to be the one where he takes 2 non gamer friends through a game of the new 40k, and records their thoughts before and after. It is really interesting to hear their thoughts about the hobby and game they just played. Have a look through and give them all a listen. Chapter approved is on iTunes so you can subscribe so you never miss an episode, and make sure you leave him a review, Tibbs really appreciates them and they help put the word out about his podcast so others can find it.

Ciaw for now


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